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About X-KERNEL '13

Main goals of Event

X-Kernel is a annual event conducted to provide a platform for young Engineers to test their skills.This Event is organized by CSE Department. X-Kernel is not the usual programming contest, The core concept of the competition is the actual code consisting of logic and minimum time of computation. It deals with out of the box thinking where participants ransack their brains to find an accurate solution.

Who can participate?

  • Minimum Coding Experience in C Language
  • That's Enough..!

Latest News :

  • 17.01.13
    Registration Now Open!
  • 16.01.13
    Events Announced.

About Events

a'C'uity24 january 2013
9 am — 5 pm

This is a technical quiz event where Participants are short listed for further rounds based on their scores which Questions are based on coding and technological aspects.

Gopi : 7396870853
9 am — 5 pm

This is a coding based event where participants will be asked to design a logic for the given question which Participants are short listed for further rounds based on format of logic and time complexity.

Vamshi : 9494441085
'Tech'Sure Hunt
9 am — 5 pm

In this event the participant will be given a question, the output of the question gives the clue for next round.The one who reaches first to the final round and completes the task will be winner.

Charan : 8686580464
'C'ode Enigma
9 am — 5 pm

The participant will be given a code with bugs where participant should identify the bugs and need to debug the code and obtain required output within the time limit which Participants are short listed for further rounds based on their time complexity.

Balaji : 8801209522
Beat D 'C'lock
9 am — 5 pm

The participant need to pick up a sheet in random with raw code on it from the set of sheets where the outputs of code are either 6,4 or out, then Participant will be given the score according to output(like 4 points for output of 4 and 6 for output of 6) after participant score will be reduced by 1 point if he get output as ‘out’ then Participants are short listed for further rounds based on their scores.
Note: Time limit will be there

Vivek : 9059701246
Match Mania
9 am — 5 pm

A set of 7 programmes will be divided into 3 equal parts(a total of 21 parts) then the participant should pile up the 3 parts in random after Successful code with 3 parts matched will be given a point then participants are short listed for further rounds based on their points.
Note: Time limit will be there

Manisha : 9494723597
Do not miss your chance its fun here..
Coding with fun!


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